How to Add Tokens for Key Pro M8

Key Pro M8 most powerful Car Key Programmer and Locksmith Diagnostic tool come with 800 tokens with the machine. Not all car models key programming need tokens, if your car needs token, the screen will promt you how many tokens are needed.
After 800 tokens are used up, you need charge your device with new token. You can choose how many tokens need:
Here is Key Pro M8 Update Tokens Manual
1.  Send us the M8 serial number, within 24 hours, we will notify you when you can update token.
2. connect your computer to network, and then use the USB cable to connect the M8 and the computer.

3. Plug the power supply cable into the M8, and then turn on M8 till the following window appears.

4. The window “Found New Hardware Wizard” popup, tick off “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, and then click “Next”.

5. tick off “Search for the best driver in these locations” and “Include this location in the search”, and then click “Browse” to choose the installation location.

6. After click “Browse”, choose the driver location: browse for Folder-Desktop-The key pro (M8) driver-OK.

7. click “Continue Anyway”.

8. please wait while the wizard installs the software…

9. click “Finish” and the wizard complete installing the software for the key Pro M8.

10. stay in the following window even some change happens during the process.

11. click “M8 Tool.exe” to show as below, “Serial Number” will be automatically indentified, input M8 6-digit password and click “Login”.

12. in the drop-down list of “select TOKEN quantity” choose the TOKEN quantify you bought from the dealer, double click “Update TOKEN”.

13. a window popup reading “Update TOKEN finish!”

14. wait until you see the Current TOKEN number already includes that you bought, and click “Finish”.

How to discover the key Pro M8 auto Key Programmer

It is normal that there is someone who not use to the very motor markets or else the purchase of a money saving route to put in a significant coding so that they can prospects, the key Pro M8 auto key programmer supplies the reply to.

How to discover the key Pro M8 auto Key Programmer?
1) Deliver series phone number and even private data to your support service, charge cards Supply support service considering the discover INSIDE DIAMETER and we will offer the ideal discover exchange;
2) Source the very exchange, and then the equipment might be revealed;
3) The very PIN exchange continues the individual. Version the very written documents on the DVD for a personal PC. Power up IPOD, star it up, get in touch it all to your personal pc using USB cord and even fit IPOD car;
4) Perform M8 product. Advancement the submit “S1072B1086. m8” inside the equipment, for those services might be relieved once locking.
Why choose the MVP key Pro M8 auto key programmer?
1) Typically the easily portable MVP Pro M8 key programmer would be the wonderful coding means during which curriculums take time to consider alongside remotes for any generates involved with cars around the globe suggestions that has a ‘Pay As you're Go’ platform.
2) The MVP key Pro M8 car key programmer gives you the same insurance protection /functionality as entire world prime AD100Pro, mentioned that along at the minor amount to ask for.
3) The key Pro M8 auto key programmer can add a digital at the same time, which are taken from 24/7 take time to consider usually are hard-wired, using the key pro m8 auto key programmer renowned.
The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer Tool with 800 Tokens Most Powerful Locksmith Diagnostic Tool:

Difference Between SKP900, Key Pro M8, CK100 and X100+

Difference Between SKP900, Key Pro M8, CK100 and X100+:
SKP 900 Key Programmer( item number SK155)

Skp 900 Price€549.00

1)    Skp900 is original, can update at superobd official site.
2)    SKP900 can work with most cars up to 2014, like 2014 range rover sport is okay, but not all.
3)    No need pin code for many cars, can read pin code for many vehicles.
4)    SKP900 can do all key lost as well.
5)    SKP900 support Toyota G chip key matching.
6) Language available: English and Portuguese.
The Key Pro M8( Item number SK142)

Key Pro M8 can work with old car even before 2006 and both new cars up to 2013 ,can support some kinds 2014. Key pro M8 is the most powerful and most expensive key programmer, it’s best for professional locksmith who will make key for many car models, and it can update online.

1)    Newest generation SBB, compared with Silca Sbb, CK-100 auto key programmer newly add some models and even covers up to 2014. CK100 is available with 3 kinds of version, V99.99, V45.02 and v45.06.
2)    CK100 V99.99 can support Lexus RX350 07-09, SBB can’t; CK100 V99.99 covers Lexus SC430 02-10, SBB only cover 02-06; CK100 V99.99 can do Corolla (CAN) from 2009 to 2012, SBB up to 09.
3)    CK100 make key by simply plug 16pin cable with OBD diagnostic socket, no need connect with computer. It can only communicate with the standard OBDII protocol vehicles. If your car is not standard 16pin connecter and not standard OBDII protocol, use T300.
4)    CK100 has 1024 tokens, after use it up, go to change a chip by following the seller’s instruction.
Original X-100+ key programmer
1)     X100+ is original, can update online.
2)    X100+ is hand-held key programmer, no need connect with any computer.
3)    X100+ make key for the vehicle models from China, Asia, Europe and America.
4)    X100+ supports Toyota G Chip Via OBD, but it does not support all, some can, some can’t.
5)     X-100+ disadvantage: only English available.


Key Pro M8 Update Online

The Key Pro M8 is original 100% make, support update online one year for free. Key Pro M8 tool is supplied with all available software FREE. If necessary, you can download newest software for the car model you need to update your device

Please kindly read these tips before you update your key pro m8:
  1. Only need connect with computer when you want to update it, and better to use on professional windows XP system and Close the anti-virus
  2. You can still use the device, if you do not want to update it
  3.  M8 key pro tool software is just used for updating M8 software, not for other devices
Next, please follow following steps to update your M8:
  1. Install the M8 driver on your pc which can surf on internet,before update tokens or new software. If any questions, you can refer to the video ‘M8 install driver record.exe’
  2. Connect M8 to your PC via USB cable, and power on your device
  3.  Double click’M8 Update Tool.exe’,it can automatically identify the serial number of your device and you just input password
  4. Click button’open updata file’ and the load file’S1093B1102.m8′,then click button’download’and it lasts about 10 minutes. if any questions, you can refer to the video‘update.exe’


Key pro m8 Car List and Reviews

Key pro m8 Car List:
About M8  key program tool update
Update tool download:
Q1: Should I use it with windows 7?
A1: You’d better use it on windows xp pro computer system.
Q2: If the “M” dongle in the package?
A2: Yes, the dongles have “A” to “M”.
Q3: I bought the Key Pro M8 from the United Kingdom. Can I use the tokens from your company?
A3: Sorry, you can not.
Q4: If the Key Pro M8 has the ADS125 software of the Toyota and the Lexus?
A4: Yes, it has the software you momentioned.
Q5: I need one device to do the VAG key programming. Is there any good advice?
A5: If you only need to do VAG cars after 2007, we recommend you VVDI or FVDI VAG. If you need to do both the new and old car, you need to use the Key Pro M8.
Q6: If the Key Pro M8 can do the pin code reading of the citroen cars?
A6: Please see the support car list from the picture bellow. It shows that can do.
 Q7: Can I share the free update of the Key Pro M8?
A7: The firmware update is free all the time.

Q8: The key pro m8 can support 2010 Fait 500 all key lost? I can’t find it in the supported car list.
A8: It can support. You will see the car after you enter the menu.
Q9: I have a vag car repair shop,and I want to do vag car key program, which tool can do almost all car?I mean old and newest car!
A9: Our SK142 KEY PRO can do it.